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Robbie Dean Press

2910 E. Eisenhower Pkwy.
Ann Arbor, MI  48108


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RDP faculty publishing

RDP College Faculty Publishing

RDP Faculty Authors

Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. wants to publish texts by committed and talented College Faculty Authors, Robbie Dean Press is a traditional publishing company providing services since 1991. Since its inception, RDP has published a wide range of works. From fiction to texts, RDP has established itself as the publishing company that takes on the unique and is focused on works that appeal to very important but small audiences.

As RDP approaches its 20th year, it is making a call for college faculty who have quality manuscripts they want to provide to their students. Yes, there are many texts. However, several faculty would prefer to use customized texts with their students. Yet, since their populations are small, most of the larger publishing companies will not consider their work, no matter the quality.

RDP is different.
RDP wants those quality manuscripts by college faculty members that serve the smaller student market.

How does one become considered to become a Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. faculty author?
The process is:

1. submit the manuscript as a Word file at: info@robbiedeanpress.com;
2. within two to three weeks, the Review Board will make its determination; a RDP Associate will inform you of the determination;
3. if the determination is to publish, RDP will present you with a letter of intent for your signature;
4. upon receiving the letter of intent, RDP will begin work on the manuscript;


Key Features of RDP offers faculty authors:
1. RDP specializes in providing quality textbooks to small student populations (as small as twenty-five (25) per semester);
2. RDP offers e-Books;
3. RDP sets up web pages for texts on two web sites: www.RobbieDeanPress.com and www.MarketingNewAuthors.com;
4. RDP markets its publications at major trade shows;
5. RDP donates a percentage to a college fund of the author’s choice Will your work be the next RDP faculty work exhibited? RDP invites you and your work!

Contact Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. for more details:

Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. the company with the trademark motto:

RDP faculty Publishing


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Latest News:
Robbie Dean Press announces its most recent faculty text by Ivy Higgins of the College of the Bahamas. Its debut for class use Fall 2010.
Ms. Higgins and her work will be at the Conference on Composition and Communication (CCCC) in April 2011. Her work will be exhibited at the MarketingNewAuthors.com booth. Meet our author!


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